How to Commission Diane Chandler to Create a Custom Portrait of Pets or People



Commissions are accepted for custom portraits of the people and/or animals that you love. Here is how to proceed.

From your reference photo, your commissioned artwork is hand drawn/painted by me stroke by stroke on my computer screen, using digital brushes (many of which I have custom made). Upon your approval, your commissioned portrait becomes available to you to be printed on quality archival paper or canvas with archival giclee inks. You can purchase as many copies as you wish of the portrait and also any of the associated items (mugs, totes, stationary, etc.). Shipping is worldwide through Fine Art America. My enabling you to purchase the printed commissioned portrait directly from Fine Art America allows you to take advantage of their 30 day guarantee on prints and items they produce. My commission fee for creating the portrait is not included in this 30 day guarantee since you will have already approved the portrait before it is available for printing.  Your custom portrait will not be available for sale to anyone other than yourself.


Cost and Payment

  • Booking Fee: $150 USD  (non refundable) payable to Diane Chandler Art via PayPal invoice. Payment of this fee is due in full within 7 days of invoice issuance.

  • Commission Fee: $300 USD for single subject portrait. Add $50 USD for each additional subject in the portrait. Fee is payable to Diane Chandler Art via PayPal invoice. Payment of this fee is due in full within 7 days of invoice issuance. If you are not satisfied with the portrait, Diane Chandler Art will keep the art and the initial $150 Booking Fee, but there will be no further obligation on your part or on the part of Diane Chandler Art. Your portrait will be deleted from Diane Chandler Art's online shop.

  • Printing, tax and shipping fees: These will depend on the type (paper/canvas and/or specialty items such as mugs, totes, stationary, etc.), size and number of items you order. Typically, prints range from $75 - $300 USD or more. Taxes and shipping will also depend on the product and size that you order. The printing, tax and shipping fees are separate from my commission fee, which pays me for creating your portrait.
    Many examples of prices for different sizes can be found at Diane Chandler Art's online shop . Payment for printing, tax and shipping will be made directly to Fine Art America through the shopping cart at Diane Chandler Art's online store.

  • When you pay for the printing and shipping directly to Fine Art America, you eliminate the double shipping costs which would incur if the portrait was shipped to me first and then I would need to turn around and ship it to you. Also, when you order your portrait directly through Fine Art America, you will be able to order more than one item including other fun things such as mugs, totes, and stationary.

My Booking and Commission Fees are non-refundable. There is a 30 day guarantee ONLY on the product(s) purchased through Fine Art America on your private page at my online shop.


I will be there to guide you through the following steps:

  1. Fill out the quick form on this website's contact page. I will reply to this form via email so that we can discuss your project. We will also discuss your reference photos and how to send them to me. (see reference photos page for tips) I can take the reference photos if you board your dog at The Chandlers' Clixworld Inn Boutique Dog Boarding.

  2. You will send me your reference photos so that we can discuss them and your vision for the project. After agreeing to the project, you will send payment (via PayPal invoice) of the $150 USD Booking Fee (non-refundable) which secures your place on my waiting list.

  3. When your project's turn comes up, I will notify you by email that I'm about to begin.

  4. During my work on your commissioned portrait, I will email you one or more updates (depending on the portrait's complexity).

  5. When I complete the portrait, I will email you with the link to your private password protected portrait page at my online shop. You will be able to view a watermarked copy of your portrait there. We can discuss any minor change that you wish me to make. When you have approved the portrait (in writing via email), you will then pay (via PayPal invoice) my commission fee which will be $300 USD for single subject portrait. Add $50 USD for each additional subject to be included in the portrait. (Fine Art America's printing, tax and shipping fees of your portrait are to be paid separately at my online shop from your private page.)

  6. Within 3 business days of my receipt of the commission fee, I will upload the unwatermarked portrait to your private portrait page. You will then be able to order whatever size / finish (such as framed print, art print, canvas wrap, etc.) you wish. My recommendation for paper prints is to select the Watercolor Paper or Picture Rag Paper. You can also have the portrait printed on fun things like iPhone covers, greeting cards, throw pillows, etc. Shipping is worldwide (see page from drop down menu on printing and shipping). Payment for the printing and shipping is made directly to Fine Art America through PayPal/credit cards from your private portrait page. It is this payment to Fine Art America for printing and shipping that has the 30 day refund guarantee.

  7. Your commissioned portrait arrives to your door, safe and sound. With a smile, you hang it on the wall and it warms your heart. My mission - your commission - is complete!


Copyright: Diane Chandler Art retains full copyright on all artwork that is produced including mock-ups and prints. When a portrait is commissioned, Diane Chandler Art reserves the right to display the image in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites, and social media. Diane Chandler Art reserves the right to share "portrait in progress" photos to social media. Clients who do not wish their commissioned portrait to be displayed online must notify Diane Chandler Art before work begins.