About the Artist

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Diane Chandler's keen appreciation of art and nature is revealed in her art. Her vision of the world is one of textures, patterns, lines, colors and shades of light. Her artist's eye has been trained by extensive studies of Art History, which has united with her deep love and knowledge of people, dogs, other animals, gardening and nature. This union has created these artworks for your enjoyment. Diane's first love is portraiture - both human and animal, which she explores through digital drawing/painting and photography.


Diane is the founder and president of Animal Behavior Management, Inc. | Chandlers' Clixworld Inn Boarding which has provided both dog training and dog boarding. She has professionally bred, trained and shown dogs for 49 years, but she "began in dogs" as a young child showing her Miniature Poodle in local pet shows and parades. In 1971 she started Kushan Afghans, a show and breeding kennel as part of an international effort to preserve the mountain type of Afghan Hound.


In 1993 Diane founded Animal Behavior Management, Inc. after recognizing a huge void in quality dog training being offered to the public. In that same year, she became a founding member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers to encourage professionalism and science based training on a national level. That organization has grown to over 5,000 members and is now recognized on an international level. Diane's membership card still proudly bares the membership number 5. She is currently retired from dog training, now devoting her time to creating custom portraits, photography, digital art, and giving her expert care to the dogs boarding at the Chandlers' Clixworld  Inn.